ABOUT XSG The X-Supply Game (XSG) is an educational simulation game designed to help participants explore the dynamics of real supply chains. The game is a team-based multi-player online simulation where each player take on the role of managing a virtual station in a simple supply chain. The game is played in turns, in which players analyze weekly standing of their stations and decide on orders to suppliers and shipments to customers. At the end of the game, individual and team performances are analyzed and discussed in groups.
XSG is influenced by previous supply chain management games, such as the beer game and the wood supply game, but it introduces several new concepts, including: configurable supply chain design, ordering and shipping capacities, triple-bottom-line objective, and transportation environmental and monetary impacts. The XSG name comes from the game ability to be configured in various supply chain designs, allowing it to model almost any "X" supply chain.
USER MANUAL XSG user manual can be found here.
SOURCE CODE XSG source code and additional information can be found at its GitHub website.
CONTRIBUTE Code submissions are greatly appreciated and highly encouraged. Please send fixes, enhancements, etc. to SinanSalman at GitHub or sinan[dot]salman[at]zu[dot]ac[dot]ae
LICENSE XSG is released under the GPLv3 license.
PUBLICATIONS To cite XSG in your work, please reference:

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Other publications on XSG include:

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XSG presentation at the 2018 Industrial and Systems Engineering Conference, Orlando, FL, USA, May 2018. Download pdf

DISCLAIMERS 1) XSG uses Google analytics to measure its use.
2) Every game includes an expiry parameter to keep the server from crowding. When a game expires its setup and data are automatically erased. You may choose to export your game setup file to keep on your computer, however, game player data cannot be exported.
3) Games and/or games player data may also be lost due to upgrades or new feature introductions. You may export your game setup file and take screen shots of the game results to keep on your computer.
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